Here are various concept documents for the Virginia Tech Digital Library, 1998

Recent Submissions

  • Report of the Scholarly Communications Task Force 

    McMillan, Gail; Metz, Paul; Powell, James; Zarnosky, Maggie (Virginia Tech, 1994-05-10)
    This report was distributed at the May 12th meeting of the Library Administrative Council (LAC) and put on the agenda for discussion at its next meeting. On May 19, 1994 this report was discussed, many of the questions it ...
  • Digital Images for the Virginia Tech Digital Library 

    McMillan, Gail; Burr, Annette; Worley, Gary M. (Virginia Tech, 1996-03-20)
    All images photographed or copied by a unit of Information Systems will be scanned and contributed to the Virginia Tech Digital Library. The digital images will be browsable and findable through word searching textual ...
  • Long-term Course Planning Scenario 

    Mosser, Dan (Virginia Tech, 1998-06)
    Dan Mosser teaches a course on History of the English Language (HEL). He has been developing this course over the last few years and is especially interested in multi-media resources, speech excerpts, speech analysis game, ...
  • Research Faculty Scenario 

    France, Robert (Virginia Tech, 1998-12-09)
    Dr. Charity Miller is a specialist in history of technology. Today she is beginning a new research project in the history of photography. Dr. Miller is technically adept, as one might guess from her specialty, and has ...