The Advancing the Human Condition Symposium objectives are: To identify emerging questions around issues related to the human condition; To further the role of research and scholarship across disciplines in advancing equity and eliminating social disparities; To convene academics, scholar activists, and scholar practitioners doing cross-disciplinary, innovative work around these issues.

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Recent Submissions

  • Learning Experiences for empowerment, resilience, and engagement 

    Cotrupi, Catherine; Davis, Jessica; Case, Mary (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-28)
    Presentation addresses the intentional and evolving work of VT Engage, Virginia Tech’s service learning and civic engagement center. Utilizing a discussion regarding the differences between “traditional” service learning ...
  • Keynote: The University and Our Human Future: Advancing Equity and the Human Condition 

    Johnson, Sylvester (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-28)
    These documents include the topic outline for the keynote address and the accompanying slide deck. Dr. Johnson's lecture was not recorded; however, some of the content presented is included in an earlier lecture, "Of ...
  • Opening remarks for the Advancing the Human Condition Symposium 

    Pratt Clarke, Menah; Deramo, Michele (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-28)
  • Disability on Campus 

    Shivers, Carolyn; Fisher, Marisa; Svyantek, Martina; Spingola, Elizabeth (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-30)
    Slides from a panel discussion on the experience of disability in higher education. What is [dis]ability? What does and does not "count" as disability in the classroom and on campus? What programs and supports does Virginia ...
  • Emerging Questions 

    Deramo, Michele (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-30)
    Slide show with a summation of critical questions emerging from the symposium sessions.
  • Advancing the Human Condition Symposium Program 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-28)
    Symposium schedule of events with session descriptions.
  • Social Equity and Inclusion in Education Policy. Audience Notes 

    Bradburn, Isabel (Virginia Tech, 2017-11-30)
    This document includes notes written by members of the audience of the panel: Social Equity and Inclusion in Education Policy
  • Advancing the Human Condition Symposium 2017 Flyer 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2017-11)
    Topics Include: What does it mean to be human when biological and digital life are increasingly intertwined? Are standard social scientific methods adequate to meet the challenges of communities facing ...