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    • The State of the Art: Application of Green Technology in Sustainable Pavement 

      Sun, Wenjuan; Lu, Guoyang; Ye, Cheng; Chen, Shiwu; Hou, Yue; Wang, Dawei; Wang, Linbing; Oeser, Markus (Hindawi, 2018-06-03)
      A wide range of literature on predominant green technologies for sustainable pavements is summarized in this paper. It covers two major aspects: energy harvesting technologies and permeable pavement systems. Fundamental ...
    • The State-of-the-Art Review on Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Asphalt Binder 

      Qu, Xin; Wang, Dawei; Wang, Linbing; Huang, Yucheng; Hou, Yue; Oeser, Markus (Hindawi, 2018-09-03)
      Asphalt pavement has been widely used in the world. As the main components of asphalt pavement, the asphalt binder is crucial to the service performance and life of the road. In the past decades, numerous studies were ...