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    • Statewide Educational Attainment Goals: A Story of Two States 

      Lumina Foundation (Lumina Foundation, 2018-03-06)
      This report presents the story of two states, Arizona and New Hampshire, and their efforts to set ambitious goals for increasing educational attainment among their residents. Based primarily on interviews with key state ...
    • A Stronger Nation, Learning Beyond High School Builds American Talent: New Hampshire's Report 2019 

      Lumina Foundation (Lumina Foundation, 2019)
      The need for universal post-high school education is rooted in the global shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy. The vast majority of jobs being created require education beyond high school, and that trend ...
    • Student Debt and the Class of 2018 

      Gonzalez, Veronica; Ahlman, Lindsay; Fung, Ana (The Institute for College Access and Success, 2019-09-19)
      New data show that the average student debt for college graduates continues to climb but at a slower pace. This report finds wide variations in debt levels across states as well as colleges. Average student debt at graduation ...