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    • The Impact of Pell Grant Eligibility on Community College Students’ Financial Aid Packages, Labor Supply, and Academic Outcomes 

      Scott-Clayton, Judith; Park, Rina Seung (Community College Research Center Teachers College, Columbia University, 2017-03-01)
      In this article, the authors examine the effects of receiving a modest Pell Grant on financial aid packages, labor supply while in school, and academic outcomes for community college students. Using administrative data ...
    • Investing in Pell is Investing in the American Dream 

      The Education Trust (The Education Trust, 2018-03-27)
      Pell Grants help make higher education accessible for over 7.5 million students. Over one-third of White students, two-thirds of Black students, and half of Latino students rely on Pell Grants every year. But today, the ...
    • Pell Grants Help Keep College Affordable for Millions of Americans 

      The Institute for College Access and Success (The Institute for College Access and Success, 2020-05-01)
      Due to the impact of COVID-19, current and incoming students will be facing unprecedented struggles when starting the new academic year — and, likely, for years to come — and many students will need significant additional ...
    • Redesigning the Pell Grant Program for the Twenty-First Century 

      Baum, Sandy; Scott-Clayton, Judith (The Hamilton Project, 2013-10-21)
      Developed more than four decades ago, the Pell Grant program has expanded in sheer numbers without evolving structurally. While it continues to encourage recent high school graduates from poor families to undertake various ...
    • Subsidizing Higher Education Through Tax and Spending Programs 

      Maag, Elaine; Mundel, David; Rice, Lois; Rueben, Kim (Urban Institute, 2017-05-16)
      In 1997 Congress enacted a number of tax benefits directed toward helping middle- and upper-middle income groups meet rising college costs. This shift in goals and strategies raises concerns about the fairness and effectiveness ...
    • Three Tax Fixes to Improve the Federal Student Aid Program 

      The Institute for College Access and Success (The Institute for College Access and Success, 2020-03-08)
      This report points out three tax fixes to improve the federal student aid program.