Effect Of Temperature on The Absorption Loss Of Chalcogenide Glass Fibers


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Optical Society of America


The change in the absorption loss of IR-transmitting chalcogenide glass fibers in the temperature range? of -90 degrees C less than or equal to T less than or equal to 70 degrees C was investigated. For sulfur-based glass fibers the change in loss relative to room temperature was slightly affected by the temperature in the wavelength region of 1-5 mu m. For lambda greater than or equal to 6 mu m the change in loss was mainly due to multiphonon absorption. The change in loss for tellurium-based glass fibers increased significantly at T = 60 degrees C. The increase in the loss at short wavelengths (lambda less than or equal to 4.1 mu m) was due to electronic excitations in the tail states. Between 5 and 9 mu m there was noticeable free-carrier absorption. Beyond lambda greater than or equal to 9 mu m, multiphonon absorption dominated the loss spectrum. (C) 1999 Optical Society of America.





Vinh Q. Nguyen, Jas S. Sanghera, Frederic H. Kung, Ishwar D. Aggarwal, and Isabel K. Lloyd, "Effect of Temperature on the Absorption Loss of Chalcogenide Glass Fibers," Appl. Opt. 38, 3206-3213 (1999). doi: 10.1364/ao.38.003206