Struggling with sustainability: A comparative framework for evaluating sustainable development programs

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier Science B.V.

Summary: Sustainability is an inherently dynamic, indefinite and contested concept. Sustainable development must, therefore, be seen as an unending process defined not by fixed goals or the specific means of achieving them, but by an approach to creating change through continuous learning and adaptation. How, then, do we evaluate a development programs contribution to such a process? This paper constructs a framework for evaluating sustainable rural development programs using both process- and outcome-oriented criteria, and demonstrates its application. The SANREM CRSP/SEA research and development program in The Philippines, including ICRAFs efforts to organize communities around agroforestry and environmental conservation is assessed.

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Rural development, Ecosystem management, Sustainable development, Community management, Livelihoods, Tropical zones, Community participation, Natural resource management, Local governance, Sustainable rural development, Program evaluation, Participation, Community organizing, Southeast asia, The Philippines, Governance Watershed
World Development 32(12): 2139-2160