Race and/or Reconciliation : Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Veterans in Society

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dc.contributor.editorDavitt, Marciaen
dc.description.abstractThe Veterans in Society (ViS) research group is proud to present the proceedings of the Third Conference on Veterans in Society: Race and/or Reconciliation, with papers that represent a wide range of research and community engagement, and a focus that speaks to the growth of our work over the past several years.en
dc.description.notes"First published 2016."en
dc.description.notesRace and/or Reconciliation, the Third Conference on Veterans in Society, took place in Roanoke, VA from November 12-14, 2015.en
dc.description.notesConference hosted by the Center for the Study of Rhetoric in Society, Department of English http://www.rhetoric.english.vt.edu/en
dc.description.notesThe CSRS is a proud Commemorative Partner of the Vietnam War Commemoration. To learn more about the Commemoration, please visit www.vietnamwar50th.com.en
dc.description.notesIn Memoriam: Many of the donations that funded this conference were made with specific individuals in mind. Three donors made specific bequests, which we want to honor: In memory of Staff Sgt. James Will; In memory of Captain Douglas Taylor Gray, III; In memory of 1st Lt Al Giddings, VTCC, Class of 1966en
dc.description.notesFront cover photo of African American and Caucasian soldiers together during World World II. Image from the United States Army and courtesy of the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum. Public domain. Available online at http://www.trumanlibrary.org/photographs/view.php?id=303.en
dc.description.notesBack cover photo by Master Sgt. A.J. Coyne, Virginia National Guard Public Affairs. Airmen of the 203rd RED HORSE Squadron (August 8, 2015). Public domain. Available online from Virginia National Guard at http://vaguard.dodlive.mil/2015/08/28/7984/.en
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dc.subjectRace and/or Reconciliation, the Third Conference on Veterans in Societyen
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dc.subjectRetired military personnel--United Statesen
dc.titleRace and/or Reconciliation : Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Veterans in Societyen
dc.typeConference proceedingen
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