The Use of Meaningful Reception Learning in Lesson on Classification

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This paper begins with a learning theory of instruction. It describes how Meaningful Reception Learning can be used to teach in classification of items. Meaningful Reception Learning is a learning theory of instruction proposed by Ausubel who believed that learners can learn best when the new material being taught can be anchored into existing cognitive information in the learners. He also proposed the use of advance organizers as representations of the facts of the lesson. The principles of Meaningful Reception Learning; derivative subsumption, correlative subsumption, combinatorial subsumption and superordinate learning are used in the classification of items. The items classified in this paper are fabrics. The classification is divided into man- made fabrics and naturally occurring fabrics. The hypothetical learners in this paper are undergraduate students but the principles can be modified to fit a different audience.

Meaningful Reception Learning, Learners, Advance Organizers, Subsumption, Ausubel
Obilade, T. T. (2013). The Use of Meaningful Reception Learning in Lesson on Classification. International Journal of Home Economics, 6(2).