Cariboo Forest Region: Part 2 of 3. Vegetation complex stand establishment decision aids

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Kamloops, BC: FORREX Forest Research Extension Partnership

This paper is the second in a three-part series which presents Stand Establishment Decision Aids (SEDA) for the Cariboo Forest Region, British Columbia, Canada. The vegetation complexes covered are: dry shrub, fireweed, mixed hardwood-shrub, and wet alder. For each vegetation complex, the first two sections of the SEDAs identify specific species concern that are found within the particular vegetation complex, and the geographic location of the complex in the forest region. The third section provides a treatment necessity rating system that identifies the specific biogeoclimatic zone, subzone and site series where the vegetation complex can potentially be considered a problem. The fourth section outlines some possible silvicultural considerations that affect the species growing within this complex. These consideration could be used to develop a management strategy, if one is required. The fifth section provides information on some of the important autoecological characteristics of the species occurring within this complex, followed by information on what roles and functions these species play in the ecosystem. The vegetation community response is recognized as a function of many factors; therefore, the vegetation complex SEDAs conclude with a resource section outlining where more information can be located.

Ecosystem, Semiarid zones, Temperate zones, Best management practices, Forest ecosystems, Sustainable forestry, Forestry, Resource management tools, Natural resource management, Ecosystem
BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 2(2): 111-119