Information, education and communication strategy for SANREM Southeast Asia


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Presenters describe the goals of the information, education and communication strategy as: to draw and test innovations in technology and information packaging and dissemination among SANREM partners and to effect increased awareness, develop positive attitude and persuade and motivate farmers to adopt technologies and practices towards sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. The objectives of the strategy are: popularize, package and disseminate project outputs using an innovative communication strategy; provide timely and appropriate information that will help strengthen capacities for environmental decision making among communities, government and academic institutions; mainstream research results into the formal curriculum in the Philippines and Vietnam;



Local NGOs, Sustainable agriculture, Agroforestry, Community participation, National NGOs, Natural resource management, Adoption of innovations, Information education and communication (iec) strategy, Dissemination, Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance


Presented at SANREM SEA Research Synthesis Conference Land Use Changes in Tropical Watersheds: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Options, Quezon City, Philippines, 13-14, January, 2004