The rice-wheat consortium: An institutional innovation in international agricultural research on the rice-wheat cropping systems of the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP)

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The Rice-Wheat Consortium of the Indo-Gangetic Plains (RWC)


The review of the Rice-Wheat Consortium for the Indo-Gangetic Plains (RWC) was undertaken at the request of the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) of the RWC. ... The goal of the review was to determine the changes in research priorities, organization and methods that will be required for the RWC to continue to make a significant impact on the livelihoods of those employed in agriculture, especially the poor, on the sustainable management of natural resources in the IGP, and on regional food security...


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Participatory processes, Training, Research planning, Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Agriculture, Food security, Institutional capacity building, Natural resource management, Farming systems, Rice, Wheat, Participatory research, Knowledge dissemination, Institutional collaboration, Monitoring, Impact assessment, Policy analysis, Field Scale Governance


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