Gendered production spaces and crop varietal selection: Case study in Yucatán, Mexico

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Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing

This paper looks at the gender influences, gender dynamics, and gendered spaces in the varietal selection of maize and squash in Yucatán, Mexico. The exploratory study shows that spaces related to the traditional agricultural crops, and the production of home gardens. are both gendered spaces but with different cropping patterns. Agricultural fields milpas are men's responsibility, women are only allowed to work there when extra work is required such as harvest time, but never alone, and the presence of a man is required. Home gardens are not considered "productive" agricultural productions, largely women's spaces, closer to the household, and normally small. The "new" space, called terreno which is a piece of land for construction of a residence, is a space where both men and women share the agricultural work. Although women activities, therefore their knowledge, tend to be centered around the post-harvest activities. The conducted fieldwork shows that in the terreno the decision-making process is shared between male and female. Results also indicate that the farming interests of both men and women are being considered.

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Small-scale farming, Gender, Agricultural fields, Gender relations, Homegardens, Varietal selection, Methodology, Mexico
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 28(1): 21-38