Choices and Challenges 2019: Self-driving Cars in the New River Valley

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Virginia Tech

The Choices and Challenges Forum brochure includes a schedule of events held April 4, 2019, at the Inn at Virginia Tech.

This event seeks to explore the choices we still face and the challenges raised by the potential presence of self-driving cars on our roads and in our lives. While most thinking about and planning for self-driving cars has focused on urban environments, the New River Valley’s mixture of small town and rural communities offers a unique opportunity for exploring a range of questions. Will these vehicles interfere with our privacy? Are they safe, for passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and others? Will they undermine existing public transportation options, or expand public transportation into new communities? Will they increase or decrease transportation accessibility for poor communities, the elderly, and the disabled? Will they shift patterns of vehicle ownership? Will they improve traffic or create new problems? Will they require new regulations, and if so, by whom and of what sort? Are they ultimately good or bad for our environment, our communities, and our personal lives? Our Choices and Challenges forum will bring together internationally-recognized experts and the public to discuss these and other important questions.

Self-driving cars