An Evaluation of the Impact of InterAction's PVO Standards on Small Member Organizations

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Virginia Tech

InterAction is a coalition of over 160 non-profit organizations that has become the United States' leading advocate of humanitarian aid. To join this influential group, members must demonstrate annually that they are in compliance with InterAction's rigorous PVO Standards. This paper evaluates the impact of these Standards on member organizations, in the areas of organizational effectiveness and organizational learning. This evaluation was completed using a retrospective longitudinal study on an experimental group. Data was collected through person interviews with three member organizations and analyzing secondary data from annual reports. The results of this limited data illustrate that annual compliance with InterAction's PVO Standards provides an opportunity for an organization to learn about itself. It is only when members of an organization take advantage of this opportunity and apply this knowledge that it could increase its level of effectiveness.

InterAction, Organizational Standards, Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Learning