Pre-Employment Screening Best Practices in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Industry

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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence

This study documents innovative and successful practices for pre-employment screening in the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry and assesses the prevalence and effectiveness of these pre-employment screening practices in a sample of CMV operations. A 47-item Web-based survey queried participating carriers’ (i) use of various pre-employment screening practices, (ii) effectiveness of pre-employment screening practices, (iii) reasons why pre-employment screening practices are used or unused, and (iv) descriptive data on the participating carrier (fleet size, operation type, etc.). The 40 survey respondents included carriers of different sizes and operation types but should be viewed as a convenience sample and not reflective of the overall CMV population. Based on the results, effective screening techniques in order of their effectiveness ratings from survey respondents include performance or skills testing, background checks, personality testing, medical examination, physical ability testing, and social media screening.

commercial motor vehicle operations, transportation safety, driver risk, occupational assessment