Adapting to change: Changes in community perceptions and management of soil quality and soil organic matter

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This presentation gives a definition of soil quality and explains the interactions of soil chemical, physical and biological properties that affect how a soil performs ecosystems functions. Soil organic matter and its relationship with sustainability is also explained, according to its functions. An overview, objectives, specific studies and proposed training of the research on soils within the SANREM CRSP project "Adapting to Change in the Andean region of Bolivia" are shown in detail.

Soil erosion, Soil management, Soil conservation, Soil quality, Sustainability, Soil organic matter, Community perceptions, Sustainability, Scientific assessments, Ecosystem Field Scale
Presented at the First Scientific Workshop of SANREM CRSP: Adapting to Change in Andean Ecosystems, Hotel Presidente, La Paz, Bolivia, 24-26 April 2006