Technology adoption on vegetable agroforestry system in Nanggung

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To assess the socio-economic impacts of integrated vegetable-agroforestry systems on small women and men farmers in Nanggung Sub-district, socio-economic team has been focused on the monitoring study. This study has three objectives: (a) Identify vegetable cultivation technology on agroforestry system that is socially acceptable, economically feasible, and affordable, (b) gather timely information on technology adoption constraints and (c) provide constraints information to SANREM technical team to inform the on farm research trials . The study was developed by research questions related to farmers' perception and the technology characteristics. Data collection methods include farmer's interview, observation and process documentation of trials plots.

Social impacts, Women, Small-scale farming, Gender, Economic impacts, Men, Agroforestry, Adoption of innovations, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Presented at TMPEGS Indonesia Workshop, IPB Campus, Bogor, Indonesia, 30 October 2007