Improving soil quality and crop productivity through conservation agricultural practices in cropping systems of West Africa

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Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP, OIRED, Virginia Tech

This presentation describes conservation agriculture research activities in West Africa, with a focus on Ghana and Mali (LTRA-8). The variation between the two countries and their differing research focus creates a number of opportunities to further the study of conservation agriculture. For example, in both countries alternative uses for crop residues is raised as a major concern for conservation agriculture adoption. In Ghana, crop residues are gathered and sold after the harvest while in Mali, free ranging livestock survive by grazing upon field residues. As a result of such problems, the proposal emphasizes that innovation for conservation agriculture must be a farmer led activity.

Rainfed agriculture, Subsistence production, Conservation agriculture, Crop residues, CAPS, Innovation, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Watershed
Presented at the 2010 SANREM CRSP Kick-Off/Annual Meeting, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 6 May 2010