A Study on the Maturing Sustainable Mentoring Program

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Virginia Tech

When a less experienced person needs guidance and encouragement to perform their specific duties, they may turn to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a particular field, a role model, instructor, coach, or mentor. The Marine Corps System Command (MCSC) Mentoring Program involves people not only in their own growth and development but also in the growth and development of the organization. This formal support is established with a comprehensive path and includes a pool of dedicated mentors who believe in helping people grow personally and professionally. Interview with MCSC mentors and mentees reveals that participation in the Mentoring Program has been beneficial to personal development, yet other assigned duties and tasks may deter individuals from investing the time necessary to participate in the Program. Mentor/mentee matching has been key for the success of meeting mutual and individual goals. Specific recommendations for improvement include: (1) Allow time for mentoring; (2) Offer appropriate training; and (3) Educate others about the program.