Vegetable agroforestry - technology: Annual report

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Tainan, Taiwan: World Vegetable Center (AVDRC)


In Taiwan, field evaluation of vegetable species and varieties under Agroforestry system continued at AVRDC Organic Farm. Six vegetables (cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, sweet corn and yard long bean) were grown during the fall-winter season (October to December 2007) and winter-spring (January to March 2008) season. Vegetables were grown between tree hedgerows (alleys) and in control plots (no trees). Organic fertilizers (compost) were superimposed as sub-treatments. Varieties within vegetable species were compared in terms of growth and yield performance. Results indicated that yield response of vegetables to organic fertilizer application varied according to species and the type and combination of organic fertilizer applied.



Integrated crop management, Cash crops, Irrigated farming, Pest management, Sustainable agriculture, Agroforestry, Tree crops, Fertilization, Irrigation systems, Organic agriculture, Organic fertilizers, Alley cropping, Drip irrigation, Field Scale


LTRA-5 Progress Report