Data on characterization of metalloporphyrin-mediated HO-1 and DAF induction in rat glomeruli and podocytes

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The data presented pertain to a research article titled “Heme Oxygenase 1 Up-Regulates Glomerular Decay Accelerating Factor Expression and Minimizes Complement Deposition and Injury” (Detsika et al., 2016). The present work provides additional data on induction and immunolocalization of heme oxygenase (HO)-1 (an antioxidant enzyme) and decay-accelerating factor (DAF) (a complement activation inhibitor) in isolated rat glomeruli and in glomerular epithelial cells (podocytes) in response to Iron Protoporphyrin IX (FePP, heme), and to non-iron protoporphyrins (PPs) with varying metal functionalities (ZnPP, SnPP), including a metal-devoid PP. Induction and immuno-localization of HO-1 and DAF in response to these metalloporphyrins (MP) were assessed using western blot analyses and confocal microscopy in isolated glomeruli and in cultured podocytes. These analyses identified podocytes as a major localization site of HO-1 and DAF induction in response to the aforementioned MPs. Effects of these MPs on a key glomerular structural protein, Nephrin, are also reported. The data identify MPs most and least capable of inducing DAF and reducing Nephrin expression and provide clues into expected outcomes of animal studies assessing MP efficacy in upregulating the cytoprotective proteins HO-1 and DAF. © 2018 The Authors

DAF, Glomerulus, HO-1, Metalloporphyrins, Podocyte