Further Investigations On The Weighted Longitudinal Profile

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The weighted longitudinal profile (WLP) is a recent approach to characterize evenness of roads. This paper focuses on the development of an evaluation scheme for motorways derived from the power spectral density of the profile. When the evaluation scheme is established, the derived limits are verified. Different surface types (asphalt, concrete) and the influence of their typical evenness characteristic on the evaluation by the WLP are investigated. The WLP shows to be capable to clearly bring out these characteristics without introducing a bias into the evaluation. Motorway networks in Germany and Austria (data from first and second lane) are evaluated then. In comparison to the IRI (currently in use in Austria), the WLP shows a lot more differentiation between good and bad sections. A comparison of WLP and the planograph in the frame of new work approval of motorway sections in Austria is drawn, but further research is necessary to get a conclusive picture of a possible change in the new work approval regulations. Furthermore, the Austrian motorway ramps and intersections are evaluated. An adaptation of the evaluation scheme is proposed to take into account the different driving speed on ramps and hence lower requirements regarding the evenness.

WLP, Roads, Concrete, Asphalt