GraphZoo: A Development Toolkit for Graph Neural Networks with Hyperbolic Geometries

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Hyperbolic spaces have recently gained prominence for representation learning in graph processing tasks such as link prediction and node classification. Several Euclidean graph models have been adapted to work in the hyperbolic space and the variants have shown a significant increase in performance. However, research and development in graph modeling currently involve several tedious tasks with a scope of standardization including data processing, parameter configuration, optimization tricks, and unavailability of public codebases. With the proliferation of new tasks such as knowledge graph reasoning and generation, there is a need in the community for a unified framework that eases the development and analysis of both Euclidean and hyperbolic graph networks, especially for new researchers in the field. To this end, we present a novel framework, GraphZoo, that makes learning, designing and applying graph processing pipelines/models systematic through abstraction over the redundant components. The framework contains a versatile library that supports several hyperbolic manifolds and an easy-to-use modular framework to perform graph processing tasks which aids researchers in different components, namely, (i) reproduce evaluation pipelines of state-of-the-art approaches, (ii) design new hyperbolic or Euclidean graph networks and compare them against the state-of-the-art approaches on standard benchmarks, (iii) add custom datasets for evaluation, (iv) add new tasks and evaluation criteria.