The Vanishing Latino Male in Higher Education

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American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE)

A growing public concern is being voiced about the declining number of all males entering higher education, but where is the call to action on behalf of the already small and still declining number of Latino male students entering higher education? The authors thoroughly explore the social, cultural and economic factors that contribute to this phenomenon as well as reveal what Latino males of college age are engaged in instead of higher education. Where will Latino male role models rise from to lead the next leaders? From labor, the military, or prison? This country is in desperate need of educated Latino male leaders in every sector of society. Without them, the country’s knowledge worker potential will be debilitated. The authors also offer examples of programs, foundations, and organizations that are dedicated to supporting and encouraging Latino males to take on leadership roles and excel in education. It is up to us, our institutions, and local, state and federal policymakers to take heed of these examples and fund similar endeavors across the country.

Latin American male students, culture, educational attainment, social values, counseling in higher education