The importance of gender in the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program

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Gender equity and integration are important concepts of all funded SANREM projects. One goal of all USAID funded Collaborative Research Support Programs is to insure that women are 50% of the participants and beneficiaries. Women often manage integrated crop systems for diversity, and have different knowledge and perspectives about agriculture and natural resource management (NRM). These specialized roles thus show that the inclusion of women in development projects is necessary for their success. Women perform work in the field and are often not given necessary recourses, authority, or credit. Integrating gender in sustainable agriculture and NRM research programs helps overcome these problems. Gender integration has many obstacles to overcome, but these projects continue the work towards gender equity.

Local knowledge, Women, Natural resource management, Gender, Sustainable agriculture, Participation, Knowledge
Presented at the Global Climate Change Conference, La Paz, Bolivia, 29 June 2007