The facilities automated control and tracking system (FACTS)

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Virginia Tech

The continual rapid growth of a facility has tremendous impact on the construction program. that is responsible for space allocation and renovations to accommodate changing tenant requirements. The manual method of tracking key design, construction, and procurement milestones is no longer adequate. Not only does the current effort expend an exorbitant amount of manpower, but the objective is no longer being accomplished.

The solution to this problem involves the application of the systems engineering process. Through the utilization of management science encompassing operations research techniques, human factors, and multi-attribute analysis, an optimal solution is determined for automating the tracking and control of all project milestones.

The result is the employment of a project management software package that is written in dBase. It is customizable through access to its source code and the introduction of additional dBase code. This results in a manpower savings of eighteen man-months per year.