Advancing Conservation and Use of Natural Resources: SANREM CRSP 2003-2004 Annual Report


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Watkinsville, Ga.: SANREM CRSP


This annual report marks the conclusion of SANREM's second phase (1998-2004). The year was enthusiastically devoted to synthesizing information and making it available to stakeholders. All projects organized and conducted synthesis conferences, often in different formats depending on the stakeholders that SANREM researchers wanted to reach. SANREM SE Asia launched the first synthesis conference on January 13-14, 2004 ("Land Use Change in Tropical Watersheds", Manila, Philippines). SANREM Andes organized its conference in Cotacachi, Ecuador ("Sustainability of Landscapes and Livelihoods in the Andes," January 15-17). SANREM's West Africa's conference was one month later



Stakeholders, Training, Social impacts, Environmental impacts, Soil fertility, GIS, Economic impacts, Health impacts, Water quality, Adoption of innovations, Integration, Problem solving, Institutional strengthening, Scaling up, Water quantity, Andes, Southeast asia, West Africa, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance Watershed