Generational Diversity in the Workplace: A Systematic Review in the Hospitality Context [Summary]

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Virginia Tech

This report marks the first systematic review of the period from 2000 to 2016 based on demographic disparity at the hospitality workplace. This study arose from an interest in analyzing the trend of longitudinal studies in a sense of hospitality, where human reliance and employee vulnerability are critical to organizational progress. Together with its current HR challenges of attracting and retaining a professional workforce, the essence of the hospitality industry offers an ideal setting for the report. This suggests that the manner in which generational studies are conducted in the hospitality context may not differ greatly from generational studies in the traditional business context. In addition, work in the hospitality industry may want to concentrate on solving the central and special problem, where encounters between service agents and consumers in day-to-day activities are profuse and unavoidable. Moreover, this research presents a series of well-selected longitudinal studies for studying policy makers and practitioners within the hospitality industry, and serves as a base paper for other scholars seeking to undertake research in the area.

generational diversity, human resource management, systematic review, hospitality