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The IDEAL Climate Change submission to VTechWorks contains five types of files: Final Project Report, Presentation Powerpoint, and Python Scripts for extraction of URL and indexing (two files) to SOLR.

The Final Project Report has two formats: Word document and PDF. It includes all work done for the project including seven chapters on the following topics: User's Manual, Design & Requirements, Developer's Manual, Prototype & Refinement, Testing, Future Work, and Lessons Learned. In addition to these chapters, the report also includes tables, figures, acknowledgements, and bibliography. It is organized well and contains tables of contents, tables, and figures.

The Presentation has two formats: PowerPoint and PDF. It includes the objective of the project, high level system map, functionality descriptions with screenshots of features, and description of testing and future work. The purpose of his document is to present the overall progress and accomplishments of the project to interested parties. It contains more visual aids and figures than text for a better cognitive understanding and interest to the audience.

The first Python script is used to extract URLs from the raw tweet data. It is well commented to help future developers and parties interested in further developing the project. The second and third Python scripts are used to index tweets and webpages to SOLR; they're also well commented for readability.

This submission includes: 1) Project Final Report, 2) Project Final PowerPoint Presentation, and 3) Three Python Scripts
IDEAL, Climate Change, SOLR