Sustainable rural livelihoods: Practical concepts for the 21st century

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University of Sussex, UK: Institute of Development Studies

This paper discusses concepts of sustainable livelihoods from the poor rural household level. It focuses on a) enhancing capability - education, health, support for farmers, transport, information, communication and credit, b) equity - includes access and asset for the poorer (minorities and women), and c) sustainability - minimising vulnerabilities and creating safety nets. The paper calls for discussion on sustainability in a long-term perspective and its implications for the different populations. Focusing on the long term and considering the changing nature of resources and opportunities one needs to consider the needs to change in terms of policy, research, and practical development.

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Women, Food security, Livelihoods, Gender, Sustainable development, Agriculture, Equity, Capabilities, Policy, Research, Farm/Enterprise Scale
IDS Discussion paper No. 296