SANREM: Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Managment: A new dawn for longer-term thinking

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Kutztown, Pa.: The Rodale Institute

This article discusses a brief overview of the history of agriculture technology and conservation, and the failures of past programs. From there, the author explains the need for a new approach, listing the SANREM CRSP (Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management- Collaborative Research Support Program) as a recent government initiative that recognizes the need for environmental conservation in international agriculture development. The author also expresses the need for long-term projects that invest in these concepts, rather than short-term remedies that have little lasting impacts.

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Organic farming, Environmental impacts, Natural resource management, Pest management, Sustainable development, Green revolution, Ipm, Field applications, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance Watershed
Dr. Paul's Research Perspectives. The New Farm, 16 February 2006