Progress report year 3 of marketing aspect: Farmers comparison study trip to good practice of VAF management site


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Bogor, Indonesia: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)


Selecting marketable vegetables with a high potential value and good timing are most important in developing a successful marketing plan. The SANREM Project helps farmers overcome the common constraints of lack of market information , poor accessibility due to transportation cost, distance from production point to target market, lack of capital and strong dependence on local collectors. Based on a previous study on consumer preference, katuk and kucai were chosen for the farmers to focus on producing and marketing. The farmers' comparison study trip was proposed to 1)improve farmers' knowledge and skills on good management and marketing of VAF, 2) To encourage farmers, to discuss and learn about success stories from the successful farmers, 3) To get ideas and replicate the good practice management of VAF in farmers' villages of origin, and 4) To capture potential markets, to collect marketing information, and to see the possibilities in making collaborations.



Market supply, Training, Adult education, Income generation, Local markets, Market demand, Livelihoods, Field days, Small-scale farming, Demonstrations, Farmer to farmer, Markets, Poverty, Agroforestry, Adoption of innovations


A SANREM TMPEGS progress report