How U.S. Higher Education Promotes Inequality? And What Can Be Done To Broaden Access And Graduation?

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A few decades ago, going to college seemed to be the surest route to the American dream, a path to greater opportunity for most young people. Yet today the U.S. system of higher education is evolving into a caste system with separate and unequal tiers. To be sure, more students from all backgrounds attend college and graduate with valuable degrees. But far too many from low-income and middle-class families depart early with no degrees and crippling levels of student debt. U.S. higher education as a whole is increasingly reinforcing rather than reducing class differences – and federal and state government policies need to change course. In this context, the author draws some insights and analysis about the question how U.S. higher education promotes inequality? and what can be done to broaden access and graduation?

Higher education system, social inequality, social inequity, college enrollment, higher education funding, educational attainment