Increasing Virginia Youth's Exposure to Agriculture

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Virginia Tech

This study delves into the alarming decrease in youth involvement in agriculture, with a specific focus on the state of Virginia. The diminishing connection between the younger demographic and agriculture poses a potential threat to the future of farming. Through extensive research and data collection, the project aims to uncover the obstacles impeding youth engagement and advocates for increased exposure to agricultural practices. The survey highlights a growing necessity for educational enhancements surrounding agriculture. Key observations include a substantial portion of farmers operating within generational family structures, indicating a disruption in the traditional path to agriculture due to the decline in family-owned farms. Recommendations involve support for first-generation farmers, the development of comprehensive agricultural curricula, and initiatives to amplify the influence of professionals in promoting agricultural awareness. The project aspires to nurture a more inclusive, knowledgeable, and dynamic agricultural community for the benefit of present and future generations.

Youth, Agriculture, Agricultural education, Agricultural exposure