Mobile Technology Adopted in Hotel Sales [Summary]

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Virginia Tech

Mobile technology has advanced rapidly and significantly, and has shown great promise and potential for hotel use. However, the previous research studies have focused mainly on what the impact of mobile technology on hotels is. The way how mobile technology impacts hotel is still under-explored. This study examines the strategic impact of mobile technology on hotels by studying a modern fashionable hotel using the value-focused thinking (VFT) approach. Accordingly, six fundamental objectives are found to contribute to the overall objective of maximizing the hotel's benefits of using mobile technology, including 'increase efficiency', 'increase effectiveness', 'provide better customer service', 'maximize company image', 'maximize employee satisfaction' and 'minimize cost'. In addition, a means-ends objective network developed by this study to depict how hotel strategies can be achieved via the use of mobile technology and serve as a conceptual foundation for future research in the area.

Mobile Technology, Value-Focused Thinking (VFT), Hotel, Sales