Nitrogen fertilization but not soil tillage affects nitrous oxide emissions from a clay loam soil under a maize–soybean rotation

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Denitrification of nitrate fertilizer has been shown to contribute to agricultural nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions. Previous studies have revealed that no-till practices have insignificant or negative impact on nitrogen volatilization of nitrate fertilizers. This study examined the difference in N2O emissions according to tillage practice (mouldboard plough and no-tillage) and mineral nitrogen application rates (0, 80, 160 kg nitrogen per hectare) in a maize-soybean rotation from 2004-2005 in a well-drained humic gleysol. Results indicated that tillage had no effect on nitrogen volatilization rates and denitrification increased linearly with application rate. These results support prior studies’ findings that no-till practices do not impact N2O emissions related to agriculture.

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Climate control, Conservation tillage, N2o flux, No-till, Maize, Soybeans, Nitrogen rate, Yield-based n2o emissions, Greenhouse gases, Field Scale
Soil and Tillage Research 115: 16–26