#ICEOffOurCampus: The Liability and Responsibility of Colleges and Universities for the Educational Attainment of DREAMers

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Belmont Law Review

While sixty-five thousand undocumented students graduate high school annually,1 a dismal 49% of undocumented students drop out.2 Various laws and policies make higher education, and education generally, unattainable and difficult,3 especially since all undocumented students have a guaranteed right to a K-12 education.4 While President Obama’s executive orders have opened access and opportunities for undocumented students,5 the election of President Trump and policies of his Administration have sparked contentious political, societal, and litigious debates surrounding undocumented immigration and specifically for undocumented students. This law review article will: (1) examine the current state of affairs in educational attainment of undocumented students, (2) examine the federal and state policies that impact higher education access to undocumented students, including, but not limited to, state legislation, state action, institutional policies, and federal executive orders, and (3) provide a history of the sanctuary movement, an examination of various campus sanctuary policies, and an analysis of the legality of this debate.

education, higher--government policy, higher education system, undocumented students, Obama administration, Trump administration