Infrastructure Pavement Assessment & Management Applications Enabled by the Connected Vehicles Environment – Proof-of-Concept

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Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center (CVI-UTC)

The objective of this project was to develop prototypes and conduct a field test of system level applications of a connected vehicle pavement condition measurement system. This allowed the research team to: (1) investigate different approaches to a connected vehicle pavement measurement system; and (2) determine the optimum procedures for collecting, processing, aggregating, and storing the data to support engineering and management decisions. The study found that roughness measures obtained from probe vehicles are comparable to roughness measures obtained from the profile, when the appropriate parameters that affect roughness were taken into account. A sensitivity analysis suggested that data sampling and quarter-car parameters were the most critical parameters. Finally, the results of the network-level simulations showed that the probe vehicle vertical acceleration measurements (collected from a mobile smart phone application) have the potential to be used for network-level prescreening of deficient pavement sections.

Infrastructure, Pavement assessment, Pavement management, Connected vehicles
Flintsch, G., & Smith, B. L. (2015). Infrastructure pavement assessment & management applications enabled by the connect vehicles environment -- Proof-of-concept. Blacksburg, VA: Research and Innovative Technology Administration.