Assessment of the use of DRASTIC results by local governments in Virginia

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Virginia Tech

Use of DRASTIC evaluation results in the study counties has varied. The widest use of the results, so far, has been as a reference in comprehensive plans. Future use of DRASTIC results is anticipated in several counties. The DRASTIC methodology is perceived as effective by a large majority of the study counties. Rural (more groundwater dependent) counties viewed DRASTIC evaluation results as more useful or more beneficial than did the urban (less groundwater dependent) counties. The lack of site-specificity of DRASTIC maps is viewed by several county officials as a limitation. The expectations/limitations/concerns cited by county officials suggest a low level of confidence in the DRASTIC results in several counties. Table 5 contains a partial summary of interview responses. Table 5 provides a summary of the use of DRASTIC results by particular counties in the study and also partially summarizes the opinions of county officials regarding the DRASTIC methodology and DRASTIC results.