Virginia Assembly on the Future Development of the Commonwealth : sustaining, managing, and generating growth ; keynote addresses, background papers, and final report

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Virginia Assembly

This 116-page volume includes the seven papers prepared as background information for the 75 distinguished Virginians who participated in the Virginia Assembly on the Future Development of the Commonwealth: Sustaining, Managing, and Generating Growth held on December 3, 1992. This volume also includes the Final Statement containing the findings and recommendations that the participants agreed by at least a 75 percent consensus to bring to the attention of their elected officials and fellow citizens. The six areas of their focus and the number of recommendations in each follow: land settlement patterns and environmental degradation, 11; strategic planning, 13; competent workforce, 6; disparities, 5; public attitudes, 7; and consensus on a vision for the future, 3. Although independently authored, the seven papers complement each other and contain information about changes that can be expected as residents of Virginia seek a more coherent life style and government seeks to reduce both private and public costs. Each author's name and his or her affiliation follows: Juliann Tenney, then-executive director, Southern Growth Policies Board; James A. Bacon, editor, Virginia Business; Kenneth T. Jackson, Jacques Barzun Professor of History and Social Sciences at Columbia University of the City of New York; Anthony Downs, senior fellow, The Brookings Institution; William H. Harris, professor, School of Architecture, University of Virginia; Charles A. Planck, owner/operator, Wheatland Vegetable Farms, Leesburg, Virginia; and George Andrew Kegley Jr., member, Board of Supervisors of Wythe County, Virginia.