Working with Pastoralist NGOs and Land Conflicts in Tanzania: A Report on a Workshop in Terrat, Tanzania, 11th-15th December, 1994

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The report is the result of a 'conflict resolution' training workshop that was held in Terrat village, Simanjiro district, Arusha, Tanzania, between 11-15th December 1994. The workshop was planned by the Education, Research and Planning Committee of PINGOs, a forum for Pastoral Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization as the first module of a longer term programme entitled 'Democracy training for pastoralist development workers'. It bought together local NGOs from the Maasai and Barabaig pastoral communities as well as the from the Hadzabe and Ndorobo hunter-gathering communities. The report examines the customary way of resolving traditional conflict in these indigenous societies with regard to human relationship issues and natural resource use. Examples of conflict over land use both between pastoralists, and with outside interests, are discussed with reference to the conflict management systems which have been developed within the communities to limit damaging disruption. Participatory appraisal techniques were used to assess land conflict and methods of resolving them. (CAB Abstracts)

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Resource management, Conflict, Rural development, Pastoralism, Land use, NGO, Governance
London, England, UK: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) Drylands Programme, Pastoral Land Tenure Series No. 7