Integrated pest management in vegetable agro-forestry systems: The IPM component for SANREM CRSP-Indonesia

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Taiwan: AVRDC / Basaha, Indonesia: Bogor Agricultural University

This presentation talks about potential of IPM in Vegetable Agroforestry Systems and proposed treatments. It discusses how pest management fits into the TMPEGS program and the participatory appraisal methods to make a qualitative assessment of the situation to enable pertinent planning of research activities. It gives an overview of the results of the appraisal, including discussions of beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, indigenous vegetables. Finally, the presentation lists the pest control measures for each of these species of plants.

Participatory processes, Resource management tools, Pest control, Pest management, Ipm, Vegetable agroforestry systems, VAF, Field Scale
Presented at the 2007 second annual meeting of TMPEGS-Indonesia, May 2007