Mobility matters: Women's livelihood strategies in Porto Novo, Benin

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Mobility, or lack thereof, represents a major constraint for women entrepreneurs in west Africa. However, very little research has been focused directly upon this mediator. This study sought to reveal the influence of mobility upon women's livelihoods as well as the impact of socio-economic conditions upon mobility. Questionnaires (N=522) and in-depth interviews (N=15) were used to assess the mobility of women in Porto Novo, Benin, and its effects on the entrepreneurial activities and livelihoods. Mobility was, in fact, identified as a major factor in the determination of women's livelihood strategies. Social norms as well as the need for childcare in turn determined one's mobility. These indicate the most efficacious mediators to address in interventions concerning women's livelihoods.

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Women, Livelihoods, Gender, Marketing and trade, Mobility, Women's roles, Strategies, Sustainable livelihoods, Home-range, Surveys, Interviews, Questionnaires, Socio-economic settings, Feminist scholarship, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Gender, Place and Culture 11(2): 257-287