Aligning for Student Success: How Community Colleges Work with K-12 to Improve College and Career Outcomes

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American Association of Community Colleges
Education Strategy Group
Association of Community College Trustees

Since 2012, community colleges have made a considerable effort to increase student success and completion. Today, as much greater attention is being paid to drawing stronger linkages between education and workforce needs, institutions are becoming more strategic and deliberate in this work. In particular, many institutions are building stronger with relationships with their K-12 partners to ensure students are ready to succeed in college and beyond. These promising models show that when community college and K-12 leaders link up to align academic, navigational, and career supports students are set on a path to succeed in postsecondary and beyond. This report will identify those practices and offer high-level strategies, as well as concrete actions community college presidents and trustees can take to partner with K-12 to dramatically improve student outcomes.

community colleges, diversity in the workplace, academic preparation