Gender and forestry

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Washington, DC: The World Bank Group


This is a module in the "Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook" published by the World Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and International Fund for Agricultural Development. This module examines how people in developing countries depend on agroforestry and forest products as a source of production and income. Climate change is rapidly altering the role of forests in societies and the physical characteristics of and problems that affect forests. In order to utilize and protect the forestry sector effectively, differences in how men and women use forests must be understood. This issue is expanded upon in the following Thematic Notes: Forests as Safety Nets: Gender, Strengthening Rights, and Reducing Vulnerability; and Agroforestry Landscapes: Gendered Space, Knowledge, and Practice. A specific case from Uganda is also examined.


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Women, Forest management, Tree tenure, Gender, Agroforestry, Forestry, Community participation, Forests, Adoption of innovations, Gender roles, Forest products, Non-timber forest products