PRISM: Optimizing Key-Value Store for Modern Heterogeneous Storage Devices

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As data generation has been on an upward trend, storing vast volumes of data cost-effectively as well as efficiently accessing them is paramount. At the same time, today’s storage landscape continues to diversify, from high-bandwidth storage devices such as NVMe SSDs to low-latency non-volatile memory (e.g., Intel Optane DCPMM). These heterogeneous storage devices have the potential to deliver high performance in terms of bandwidth and latency with cost efficiency, while achieving the performance and cost targets together still remains a challenging problem.

We provide our solution, PRISM, a novel key-value store that utilizes modern heterogeneous storage devices. PRISM uses heterogeneous storage devices synergistically to harness the advantages of each storage device while suppressing their downsides. We devise new techniques to balance the latency-bandwidth tradeoff when reading from SSD. For ensuring multicore scalability and crash consistency of data across heterogeneous storage media, PRISM proposes cross-storage concurrency control and cross-storage crash consistency protocols. Our evaluation shows that PRISM outperforms state-of-the-art key-value stores by up to 13.1× with significantly lower tail latency.