Access Denied: Rising Selectivity at California’s Public Universities

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The Campaign for College Opportunity


The value of a college degree in the 21st century has never been higher. More Californians are prepared for college and want to go, yet the public universities cannot accommodate all of the eligible students and the state has failed to invest the resources necessary to expand college access to keep pace with demand. In response to the mismatch between student and workforce demand and a shortage of college seats in California’s public universities, this report seeks to provide a clearer picture of admissions standards, capacity challenges, and the role of state funding and policy priorities in Sacramento on the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems. The report points out the impact of increased competition faced by California students on the ability to produce the college graduates.



Education, higher--California, higher education funding, college admission, admission criteria, Universities and colleges--United States--Admission