YourWellness: Designing an Application to Support Positive Emotional Wellbeing in Older Adults

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Emotional wellbeing is an important indicator of overall health in adults over 65. For some older people, age-related declines to physical, cognitive or social wellbeing can negatively impact on their emotional wellbeing, as can the notion of growing older, the loss of a spouse, a loss of sense of purpose or general worries about coping, becoming ill and/or death. Yet, within the field of technology design for older adults to support independence, emotional wellbeing is often overlooked. In this paper we describe the design process of an application that supports older adults in monitoring their emotional wellbeing, as well as other parameters of wellbeing they consider important to their overall health. This application also provides informative and useful feedback to support the older person in managing their wellbeing, as well as clinically-based interventions if it is determined that some action or behaviour change is required on the part of the older person. We outline findings from a series of focus groups with older adults that have contributed to the design of the YourWellness application.



Emotional Wellbeing, Older Adults, Application Design, Feedback