The concept of integrated natural resource management (INRM) and its implications for developing evaluation methods

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Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishing

Research is now seen as part of a collective effort to create new technical and social options that rely more on local knowledge and less on a "one size fits all" application of simple technologies and chemical inputs. Hence, working in partnerships has become much more important, as has grassroots participation of farmers and their organizations. A second important area of change is that farmers are increasingly exposed to global markets, and while the information and communication revolution offers exciting opportunities for them to benefit, it also threatens to create a "digital divide" between rural and urban areas. Over-all, IARC's and NARES need to become much more nimble and responsive in the face of an ever-faster rate of change.

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Integrated natural resource management (inrm), International agricultural research centers (iarc), National agricultural research and extension systems (nares), Farming systems research (fsr), Innovation systems (is), Evaluations, Governance